Be patient, don’t time the stock and don’t fall in love

When P/E ratios drop into single digits, it is clearly a time to stop worrying and start investing

When investors become more worried about future losses than hopeful for future profits, the bull market is over

Do not invest more than you can bare to lose (beware of greed)

Cash is king during depth of depression and can purchase many good investments at a big discount

Purpose of investing is to be able to do the things you want to do but not at the expense of stress, strains and discomfort that goes along with bad market environments

The best investment you can make is one in yourself and your lifestyle

The power of compounding should never be underestimated and should be used to our advantage as much as possible

Don’t lose – all of the financial masters are even more obsessed with not losing money than they are with making money

Risk a little to make a lot – asymmetric risk/return

Anticipate and diversify

You’re never done – learning, earning, growing or giving

Invest in experiences – travel, skill acquisition, taking some courses rather than acquiring possessions

Be the most optimistic when it seems like the world is ending and be more pessimistic when everyone seems to be too comfortable making money

It's a big door in but a small door out