one-line journal

one-line journal from frank zhu at a particular moment in existence
one-line journal

I can just write one line as an entry for a journal :)

warming the body after waking up does help in staying awake :)

sensations are just outputs from sensors - none of them are real

there is something nice about organizing and its completion

I find myself thinking about engineering design problems before sleep and in meditation

it takes a few moment to come out of the dream world to another dream world

a peace beyond all understanding can be reached when still and calm

habit broken doesn't mean habit lost

reflection for even the most boring moments

do different things than the norm and life comes back with different outcomes

shift of state is shift of perception

bridge the dream world and the real world to see the similarities and realize oneness

habit develops remembrance

better late than never and action better than reaction

words have limited meaning but words stringed into a story is powerful

teachings about the way of virtue is deep

desire plus energy toward fulfillment is will power

sleep is for the soul to come out to play

through me, do you

healing starts from within and the result can be seen from the outside

God works in mysterious and wondrous ways

deep sleep transcends the body and physical plane

time is relative especially in sleep

slowing down in a fast paced environment is good for the soul

reminder leaves breadcrumbs for memories

energy begets more energy

speed of communication has always been the key in supremacy

one with all

sometimes hard, sometimes easy. only difference is the minds perception

heavenly Father I will reason, I will will, I will act. but guide Thou my reason, will and activity to the right thing that I should do

where am I going to where I end up is there a difference?

cubes and circles run the universe

gratefulness is being willing to surrender to life's flow

past karma is surfaced in the present through life

maybe a shawl can keep me warm and go deeper within

I'm having difficulties in my morning meditation

I'm falling into the ever deep rabbit hole of the spiritual realm

learning happens when placed in the right situation for a particular lesson

patience is surrender is harmony

dying and borning is the same coin of opposite sides

evolve in consciousness

words don't communicate, silence does

rhythm and metaphors make ideas stick in mind

saving souls is the name of the game

sleeping and resting is different in realms

thoughts aren't tied to the real self

sensation becomes before identification

I'm starting to have negative feeling about my job

always be receptive to life

maintenance of the body is important

cold strengthens; hot weakens

soul reminder is God remembrance

guide me to the right thing that I should do

van life is becoming more appealing to me

regress to a kid's nature

being honest but fair is the best policy

there's not much holiday spirit in me

mind generates thoughts is akin to God creating everything in His dream

one thought a day is rather hard

I enjoy murder mysteries like Conan

blessed that we feel the warmth from garments against our skin

a new decade ahead with wonders and curiosity

what's the point of chasing after money

we don't own anything

a doctor only knows so much compared to Divine healing

thoughts manifested on this plane through writing

thoughts direct reality

drama involves emotions which are delusions

when dream manifests certain way, listen and act

agitated chitta becomes restless wasted energy

you don't feel understood until you feel the other person cared

repeated actions create remembrance becomes habits

peace of mind is priceless

comfort is dangerous

inspiration channels unlimited energy

most things are useless

God Christ Guru

to a new beginning

three layers deep in all things

ideas come spontaneously not logically

existence is a thought of God and we are able to generate thoughts with our minds

flash of an image in the mind comes from where?

cubes are the themes of my logo

Divine Mother may Thy love being peace and harmony to all

always wake up on time for a trip

never do drugs again

the best things in life are free

quiet environment brings peace of mind and deep work

light show behind the closed eyes in front of the observer

reflect weekly on the upward and downward energy flow of every action

constant consistency begets trust and trust can be broken by inconsistency

language has limited way of communication while opening up channels for misunderstandings

shakti has will of its own

many hands make miracle

the nature of a thing's more important than a form of a thing

new perspective comes from unexpected inspiration with the same old view

seek and you shall find or don't seek and you shall find the unexpected

banat, banat, ban jai

the body follows the mind

when a thing no longer offends you it ceases to exist in its old way

adding 'i' into the natural flow of life which runs everything "ruins" your life

emulate and then surpass

the vale between "can't" and "won't" is about a million dollars

familiarity plus impersonality breeds love

if you know your why you will find any how

vividness of a memory equals to the intensity of an experience plus elapsed time

be like a chime without the wind

will, energy, magnetism

offer all actions to the holy fire of wisdom

transcend the tendencies of humanness

joy is the solution, not the reward

man minus the mind equals God

will equals desire plus energy directed toward fulfillment

the feeling of being understood emanates tears from the heart

remove toxic people from your life and do it fast

God and Guru create the right situation for a disciple's spiritual growth

transmission of teachings only happens by creating the right situation to receive the teaching

a skilled farmer (bodhi) harvests both good and bad crop then sifts through them to turn the bad crop into fertilizers for the next season