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Life is an amazing thing. It’s a beautifully orchestrated play we observe through our 5 senses as electrical conduit to the real us.

My journey in life has taught me to let go and just serve the moment that unfolds in front of me with all my heart and soul. The moment in front of us is an immutable chain of events that stemmed from the beginning of Creation. Reminds me of blockchain 🙂 How can we not honor it?

I have no idea where Life is guiding me but I’m curious to find out as I surrender to whatever She is hinting at me. Whatever it is, I’m committed to do my best to serve what is asked of me.

How can I help to serve the ever unfolding dance of Life?




I do online marketing for my own businesses geared towards conversion. I have a selection of tools at my disposal.



I design and build websites from scratch from WordPress sites to full SaaS Ruby on Rails sites and eCommerce stores.



I work efficiently by outsourcing any task I can delegate. This allows me to concentrate on the tasks best suited for me.



I like to solve problems presented in front of me. They’re like puzzles for me to have fun with and I get into my curious kid mode.

Work Process







Fun Fact

11 Countries Visited

11 Businesses Built

888 Cups Of Teas Consumed

333 Books Read



Mar 2018 – Aug 2018

Managing Partner

Numeris Capital

My partner and I thought it would be a great idea to start a fund that geared towards people who want to be in the crypto market but don’t have the knowledge nor the technical skills to do so. We consulted a lawyer and started the arduous legal journey to start a crypto hedge fund.

After we had finally got it up and running and started accepting funds from client, I suddenly realized that I’m not well suited to manage other people’s money. I felt we lacked the necessary experience and the deep technical knowledge to continue further. I resigned shortly after and went on a mini sabbatical in Europe.

Apr 2016 – Mar 2018

Member of The Technical Staff


After the acquisition I was tasked to be the middleman to help to integrate the Smart Scheduling app natively into athena’s web app. There were a number of issues with the SSO and how to fix that. I had to meet and talk with a bunch of folks before we found a solution.

I learned about the transition into an enterprise software company and how to work in an agile environment. There were tons of smart people that worked at athena and I learned from everyone I interacted with. In the latter part, athena had hired a new CTO and we were tasked to re-architect our monolithic app into micro-services.

I learned about micro-services architecture as we built our backend with NodeJS. Then I was transferred to a different team and a whole new stack of C# and .NET which I had no prior experience. It was rather frustrating to learn new two domains at the same time. I quit shortly after that to pursue more into the booming crypto world.

Nov 2014 – Apr 2016

Software Engineer

Smart Scheduling

I was hired right after my dev bootcamp. I learned a lot about working at a startup. I enjoyed coming to work and getting into flow states to dive deeper into the world of programming. It took me about six months to get a semi-good understanding of our codebase during which I faced the imposter syndrome.

I worked on the client facing web app and occasionally helped the data scientist train weekly models. Our team had a great vibe together and we worked in harmony. We were acquired about a year and a half in since I started working. I’m grateful for all those experiences.

Nov 2013 – May 2014


The Florist

I learned about supply and distribution channels. I designed my own packaging for maximum freshness. It allowed me to be creative with my marketing. I learned about customer relations for repeat sales by being on time and offered competitive price.

Oct 2013 – Apr 2014

Contact Representative


My parents had finally convinced to get to a “real job” for once. I went on three months of training about handling tax related questions. I learned to take calls from tax payers and correct their tax returns. It was a customer service role. The work environment felt like a cage and I was locked up in there for eight hours. I learned this work isn’t suited for me.

Mar 2009 – Jul 2014

Owner – Online Marketer

Wiz Marketing / TierClick

From my self-employment businesses in real estate, I learned the most important part is the ability to generate leads. I didn’t know how a domain worked let along how to build websites back then. I taught myself how to build WordPress websites from scratched geared towards small businesses.

It turned out a lot of local businesses needed this service so I created this company and helped small local businesses built and marketed their websites online. I learned about SEO and PPC. I even got my Google AdWords and Analytics certifications. I learned to outsource some parts of the business to workers more talented than me. It was the beginning of my journey to build websites.

Apr 2011 – Oct 2012

Insurance Agent

Austin Insurance Guy

I went into insurance because I thought hey why not make it a full service for buying a house. I learned about property and car insurance and joined an insurance brokerage. I created my own brand and operated under the guidance of my broker in Houston. We had a selection of insurance companies to work with. I learned to the select the best policy tailored for each of my client.

Mar 2011 – Jun 2013

Mortgage Originator


I got into the mortgage business because I worked for a real estate broker who also was a mortgage broker. I learned the process of starting a mortgage application and carrying it to closing while I was a loan processor. After a while I got my own mortgage origination license NMLS. It was one of the hardest test I had taken. I learned the entire real estate transaction from start to end from both sides. I learned how to generate leads online from my broker.

Mar 2009 – Jul 2014

Real Estate Agent

Central Metro Realty

I got into the real estate business because my parents started investing in rental properties. I went through a few brokerages during my years as an agent. I learned it’s about generating leads more so than selling houses. I learned more about real estate contracts as well as a number of tools. I pivoted to focus on the real estate investor niche for repeat buyers. I learned to calculate and find profitable investments in Austin.

Dec 2008 – Dec 2009



This was my first company I had created to repair Apple products like iPhone. I learned the process of setting up a company from the ground up including hiring a web developer and a designer for logo. I even recruited my friend to be the repairer for the company. It was rather exciting to build a company from the ground up. I learned to deal with problems as they inevitably come up.



Software Engineering

Launch Academy at Boston

I learned how to build web apps using Ruby on Rails in ten weeks. For my final project to demo, I built a bitcoin investment portfolio tracker. I learned you can find most solutions on Google if you know how to phrase the question correctly. I learned about flow state I can achieve while engrossed in my code.


Electrical Engineering

University of Texas at Austin

I studied power and circuits as my technical electives. Never did anything with related to them. I didn’t get into any traditional job route because it was the height of the Great Recession. I learned how to learn. I didn’t like to read books nor enjoyed learning until after I had graduated. Now I’m a voracious reader of all kinds of subjects.

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Ruby on Rails



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Google Analytics

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Lead Generation




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