seeking harmony
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seeking harmony

I find it hard to capture the unboundedness of the word harmony. It's just like trying to describe what exactly sounds pleasant to the ear when multiple notes are played together in a harmonious way that connects with the heart.

The word harmony is interesting. It can mean several different things to variety of individuals. The first definition when I searched for harmony described it as:

Harmony can be defined as the pleasant combination of sounds or musical notes. It is the quality of an arrangement in music that is pleasing to the ear. Harmony is created when two or more notes are played together, and they sound good. It is different from melody, which is the tune or sequence of single notes that are played one after the other. Harmony is an essential element of music, and it is what gives depth and texture to a piece of music.

It shouldn't be surprising to have the primary definition of harmony to be synonymous with music. I have no musical background so the first thing that came to me when I hear the word is: the perfection of life's incomprehensible flow.

I find it hard to capture the unboundedness of the word harmony. It's just like trying to describe what exactly sounds pleasant to the ear when multiple notes are played together in a harmonious way that connects with the heart.

We can try to compare music to language. Music communicates to our hearts while language communicates to our minds. In music there is notes, chords and melody. In language there is words, sentences and phrases. Languages are created by humans for humans to effectively communicate complex ideas to understand each other.

Humans have the highest level of consciousness and therefore we need a way to express what we are feeling and how we are feeling them. Languages help to facilitate that difficult task of understandings and misunderstandings.

If humans created the languages through our evolution where did music come from? I can only say that music came from God. The vibration of musical instruments have always been there. We just discovered different ways to vibrate those frequencies through the creations of variety of instruments from pianos to violin to harmoniums.

Our hearts intuitively understand music without any training whatsoever. Our minds only get in the way when we "try" to understand the musical notes. We already understand any music through the receiver that is our heart and yet we are overcomplicating it by using logic of our language to rationalize what we had heard. We have been divinely gifted from birth the understand of music or the Language of God.

How does any of this relate to harmony? Well just like how difficult it is to describe music yet with ease for the heart to understand instantly when a harmony arrives, harmony is real life is exactly like that. We can't really try to describe exactly how to do stuff that is in harmony with life yet we can instantly recognize when we witness something that is in harmony with life. Like the definition above alludes to: it just feels right.

Before this site I had created another site called:

I got the idea for the blog from a book I had read (Your Genius at Work) when I was traveling in Europe doing a sabbatical and trying out being a digital nomad. I remember reading that book on a train to Spain. After I had finished the book I contemplated on what am I good at, what is my purpose in life and reason for existence. After shedding some superficial onion layers like the book had alluded to, I finally came up with the words "seeking harmony". It just felt right.
But I had no idea on how to express that genius. It would take me another few months to actually discover my true self and take the leap to start the blog. I believed my voice has been strengthened from my years of journaling everyday. Now I had the perfect platform to express out the true essence of life and my authentic voice to do it with. I was excited!
There is something about harmony that seems just right. It’s indescribable by words. It’s an experience, a feeling. A deep sense of peace that everything is perfect as it is. A deep trust to the life’s incomprehensible flow. I think this is why I’m attracted to minimalism and live a minimalistic lifestyle.
Since was taken and I had to settle for which I’ve come to enjoy. I had imagined the logo for seeking harmoni would have the dot on top of the ‘i‘ in harmoni to be a yin and yang symbol. And just maybe the dot on top of the ‘i‘ in seeking would be an atom. I dreamt that.
The idea behind the blog is maybe life is perfect as it is. Creation has happened from 13.8 billion years ago. Every moment had to have happened exactly the way it did in order for this moment each one of us is experiencing to happen. How can you not honor each moment that comes you way?
Maybe instead of listening to your personal mind on how it would like things to be, you take look at what is life asking of you to do. Serve the moment. Enjoy the moment. Merge with life.
Once you do, you would notice that life is like a gentle breeze. Then maybe you start to seek where that gentle breeze comes from. Now we are talking.
I’m on my journey in life to seek the harmony behind everything. The oneness behind all the illusions. The Source of Creation. Enjoy 🙂

The above was the About page. The website is no longer in service as I didn't take the time to maintain it. I only wrote 3 posts on the website which I had transferred here. I had even recorded and narrated each of the post for fun.

Funny how everything comes back in full circle as I'm writing this post right now about the whole essence of the blog above. I didn't know at the time that I'd walking the spiritual path now and I'm deeply grateful that I am waking up to the Maya of delusion.

I had a realization during an evening meditation recently. I have been practicing surrendering to life's flow and I remember there were two steps Mickey had talked about in The Surrender Experiment. One, when an event comes in front of you. First let go of the initial reaction of your personal preference to this event. And second, holding that state, perceive what is being asked of you from life.

I recently took a course called Awaken Your Intuition. In the course there is a distinct teaching of asking "what is trying to happen here?".

In both teachings, they're referring to the same thing with different phrases. They're all referring to harmony.

Harmony is about flowing with life. There is a certain pace to the nature of the flow and our personal mind has its own preferences on how things should be. That actually disrupts the harmony. We should be surfers surfing the magnificent Wave and be in-tuned with It.

Lord, I will reason, I will will, I will act. But guide thou my reason, will and activity to the right path in everything.

Everything is made up of energy, frequency and vibrations. So even an event that happens in front of you is an energetic pattern passing through your vibration of energy. By being in harmony with life, that energy pattern just passes through like an unblock flow of water in a natural spring. If however you try to block the energy with your personal preferences then in a sense you are capturing that energy and storing it within your vibration of energy. Anytime you capture any part of that energy no matter how trivial, it requires an equal amount of energy to continue storing that energy.

It's like a dam blocking the natural flow of a river. The dam has captured the energetic pattern flow of the river. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to keep the dam in operation in order to continue this. The nature of the water is to keep flowing. So it is with any moment that passes right in front of you. Being in harmony with life means letting that flow of energy pass without any tension. This moment or any other moment has nothing to do with you. It is just a natural result of all the events that had preceded it in those exact orders way before you were even born.

Harmony comes effortlessly when we remove our personal self out of the equation and starts observing the reality of what is happening or trying to happen in that moment. If we can allow it to happen or contribute to make it happen then it's like we are adding our own unique note into the multitude of other notes playing in sync with the Orchestra of Life to make it sound just right or even better.